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The purpose of this website 
is to foster interest in Alfa Romeo 1900 automobiles, aid in their preservation, and reduce the wrongful application of legitimate 
chassis numbers.

Joost Arie Gompels

About thIS Website
The opinions expressed on this website are solely those of the webmaster and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of either the International Alfa Romeo 1900 Register or other Alfa 1900 authorities. 

Bob Schnittger,

I am simply a 1900 enthusiast, not an Alfa 1900 owner, expert or historian.

Touring Coupe Nomenclature... 
   Is it a Series III or a Tipo 4? Roman numerals or Arabic numbers aside, the 1900 Touring Sprint/Super Sprint coupes are commonly designated Series I, Series II and Series III, for the three obvious generations of these coupes. 
   However, the Series I Touring Sprint came in two varieties: the earlier cars with doors that covered internal rocker panels ("long-door" Sprints), and the later cars with shorter doors that ended above external rocker panels ("short-door" Sprints). 
   Consequently, Peter Marshall--"guru" of the International Alfa Romeo 1900 Register-- uses the term "Tipo 1" to describe the long-door Series I Touring Sprints and "Tipo 2" to describe the short-door Series I Touring Sprints. 
   Continuing along, then, the Series II Touring Super Sprints become, in Peter's scheme, Tipo 3 and Series III Touring Super Sprints are called Tipo 4.
   This website uses Peter's designations for the Touring Sprint and Super Sprint coupes.


Someone has hacked Peter Marshall's email account and is sending out phony emails with a bogus solicitation.
(posted 27Dec2022)

                                 FAIR WARNING! 
In June2023, I will probably let my web hosting accounts expire, at which time all of the content on both of my Alfa Companion websites will disappear. I am old, my computer is old and my software is old. It is becoming increasingly difficult to keep everything going, so I have decided to call it quits and give lots of advanced notice. Feel free to download anything that you find interesting or important.--Bob Schnittger,

OLDER NEWS: [also see News Archives]

Tipo4/Series III Metal-Forming Buck
*10321* owner/restorer TJ Noto has a wood buck for recreating a Tipo4's front sheet metal. He is willing to share it if you need it. Contact TJ at tjnoto@gmail.com for more information.

New 1900 Quattroporte Book Available!
Carlo Di Bella (*07822TI*) has self-published a new book devoted exclusively to the 1900 berlina/Super/TI. Contact Carlo directly at carlo.dibella14@icloud.com. Introduction by Peter Marshall.

Millenove & La Passione Still Available
Author Hans-Jurgen Doehren still has a few copies of his two excellent books, on 1900s and on 6C2500s, available. eMail Jurgen at millenove@online.de or contact Juergen directly at hj.doehren@onlinehome.de to order either. 

Alfa Romeo Lexicon
A Swiss website "Radical" has produced a very nice and seemingly very thorough listing of Alfa Romeo types by model. The 1900 section is particularly flush with examples.

FIVE Winners from Petrolicious...
Here are five top-notch Petrolicious films for the Alfa 1900 enthusiast: Hand-made Badges, Labratorio Lopane, Lino Autoradio, Nardi Steering Wheels and Ruote Borrani.

Fake, Replica or Real? Caveat Emptor...
With increasing Alfa 1900 values come more cars with questionable provenance. If you think you have found a "lost" Zagato, do your homework and be prepared to prove its authenticity!

Tech Tip for New Owners
Bernd Kussmaul (*02115*) cautions new 1900 owners that using the proper gear oil is essential for getting the most out of 1900 5-speed gearboxes, perhaps 4-speeds, too.

Replica Brake Scoops Available from Italy
Paolo Galafassi's Classic Vintage Car company is making reproduction front brake scoops for 1900CSS (Super Sprint coupes) and 1900-TI sedans. Contact them for more information.

Driving a 1900C Super Sprint...
Bill Noon at Symbolic International shares his thoughts on why Alfa 1900s, in particular the Tipo3 CSS Super Sprint coupes by Carrozzeria Touring, are so special.

A Cautionary Tale...
Thinking about restoring your Alfa 1900 or other classic, especially if it's your first go at it? You should read about TJ's experience with *10321* first.

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