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51-00812, 01822, 51-00745, 01422, 51-00056, 51-01896

The purpose of this website 
is to foster interest in Alfa Romeo 1900 automobiles, aid in their preservation, and reduce the wrongful application of legitimate 
chassis numbers.

About thIS Website
The opinions expressed on this website are solely those of the webmaster and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of either the International Alfa Romeo 1900 Register or the 1900 Register website. 

Bob Schnittger,
I am simply a 1900 enthusiast, not an Alfa 1900 owner, expert or historian. 

However, Peter Marshall (UK) and Joost Gompels (USA) are all of those things and more, and they welcome your Alfa 1900-related inquiries. Website inquiries, though, should go to me.

Touring Coupe Nomenclature... 
   Is it a Series III or a Tipo 4? Roman numerals or Arabic numbers aside, the 1900 Touring Sprint/Super Sprint coupes are commonly designated Series I, Series II and Series III, for the three obvious generations of these coupes. 
   However, the Series I Touring Sprint came in two varieties, the earlier cars with doors that covered internal rocker panels ("long-door" Sprints), and the later cars with shorter doors that ended above external rocker panels ("short-door" Sprints). 
   Consequently, Peter Marshall, of the International Alfa Romeo 1900 Register, uses the term "Tipo 1" to describe the long-door Series I Touring Sprints and "Tipo 2" to describe the short-door Series I Touring Sprints. 
   Continuing along, then, the Series II Touring Super Sprints become, in Peter's scheme, Tipo 3 and Series III Touring Super Sprints are called Tipo 4.
   This website uses Peter's designations for the Touring Sprint and Super Sprint coupes.

Matta For Sale on eBay...
In case you missed it, chassis number 51-01509, an unfinished restoration, is currently for sale on eBay.

*01173* Sold at Villa Erba auction
Tipo1 *01173* sold for 257,600 Euros, including buyer's premium, at RM Sotheby's Villa Erba event on 27May2017. Exchange rate was approximately $1.115 = 1Euro.

Alfa 1900s in 2017 Mille Miglia
Here are photos I have collected of 14 of the 16 Alfa 1900s that competed in the 2017 Mille Miglia Historica...provisional entry list, 11May2017 (PDF).

JD Classics Scores Again at Mille Miglia
This article about JD Classic's 2017MM effort deserved a link. JD has executed some beautiful Tipo1 restorations and supported Alfa 1900 entries in previous Mille Miglias.

More Incredible Films on Petrolicious
Sometimes poking around Petrolicious uncovers such gems as an interview with historian Marco Fazio and tuner Conrad Stevenson's 2013 Carrera Panamericana run...

Franco Scaglione was the REAL BATman
Petrolicious also has a brief biography of Franco Scaglione, designer of the B.A.T. 1900s, among many other notable Alfas and other makes. From 2014 but still worth reading.


Millenove 2nd Edition Now Available!
Hans-Juergen Doehren's must-have 1900 "bible", Millenove, has been updated, improved and expanded. Pricing is 78 Euros for the book plus 35 Euros for shipping, presumably by air to USA addresses. Contact Juergen directly to order your copy. 

This Is a Mobile-Friendly Website!
Did you know that this website works fine on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets? Some pinching or spreading will be necessary, but it all works fine on mobile.

A Cautionary Tale...
Thinking about restoring your Alfa 1900 or other classic, especially if it's your first go at it? You should read about TJ's experience with *10321* first.

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