Joost Gompels                                                       by Peter Marshall

     Just weeks ago I sent my ‘‘congratulations’’ to Joost, when I learnt from Bob that his Joost’s son, Mark, had persuaded him not to live on his own, but to go into a care home. I was delighted to hear that he had been sensible and accepted the proposal, virtually the same day. Several of us knew that he had been suffering various medical problems for some time, and when you have a few years behind you, that is not unusual. 

     Despite the problems, and having sold his *01877*, Joost was still working hard on corresponding or phoning 1900 owners.  Just a month earlier, I discovered that he had owned a Touring tipo1, many years before acquiring *01877*. I was certain to whom he sold it, but was never able to acquire response, to discover the chassis number. Joost told me that he was certain to find a couple of photos and the chassis number and would start looking.

     But Joost was a ‘‘person’’, not just a guy interested in 1900s. He ran the North American section of the register as he was more like to keep in touch, obtain new information, etc., on 1900s that were in the ’States. Eventually it was too much for him and he closed his site. By then Bob had started up his companion site to record pictures of all the 1900s that were extant. As you all know, his site became a lot more than that. 

     I imagine that Mark will prefer to keep the funeral to be a non-1900 family affair. We ought to have a memorial service for 1900 people and, in a few days time, I will ask Mark if we can do that or whether he would prefer to do so.

     My deepest condolences to Joost's family. R.I.P., Joost.

--Peter Marshall, 10April2022


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