Remembering Our Friend Joost...Obit...R.I.P. by Peter 


     I am truly saddened by the passing of our friend, Joost Gompels. Joost was ever the gentleman, in the European manner. He was a generous man...generous with his friendship and generous in his friendship. He had such a wonderful way with words, both spoken and written. I first met Joost in person at the 2007 Meadow Brook Concours and we were in touch ever since. I will miss my humble friend and be thinking of him often.--Bob Schnittger


     I, too, would like to leave my thoughts about Joost. A few years ago I was in Arese Museum and I had the chance to have a conversation with Elvira Ruocco, no presentations needed for aged Alfisti, let's say a charming elder sister for every Alfa Romeo enthusiast, a milestone in Alfa Romeo history.

     Talking about the good old days, I will remember forever the situation, Elvira suddenly said: "We were like a great family..." I replied: "We still are a great family, never in my life I met so many friendly people."

     And that's what happened with Joost, a real gentleman: I met him in person only once eight years ago, we had exchanged lots of emails before that since I entered in 1900 family in 2011, our friendship went on, Joost messages were always polite, elegant.

     I have the habit to "spice" all my messages with curious tales concerning my life with Alfa Romeo world, and Joost was always delighted to read those amenities concerning our common interest. Indeed we miss a friend, indeed we miss a member of our great family, indeed we miss one of "the bunch of curious cats".

     Se vedum*, Joost,

     Giuseppe Maranghi

     * I could not help writing something in Milan dialect; "Se vedum" means "See you
        later, my good friend".





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