La Passione 6C2300-6C2500...a Review by Bob Schnittger

    La Passione is author Hans-Jurgen Doehren's second major investigation of an Alfa Romeo model, following two versions of his landmark volume on the postwar 1900 series, Millenove. La Passione 6C2300-6C2500, as its full title implies, focuses on the patrician pre-war and post-war six-cylinder cars that immediately preceeded the more plebian 1900 series, a series which began production in 1950.

    Unlike Millenove and many other one-marque books, Jurgen has focused on well-known examples near him geographically and presented many of them in striking detail--with chassis and engine numbers-- rather than attempting to show each and every extant example with minimal details. In most cases, each major 6C sub-type is illustrated with actual surviving cars. The breadth of photographs is quite pleasing and informative, and most are of high quality. As a result, in La Passione it is possible to get to know some individual cars very well.

    The layout of La Passione, while similar to Millenove, is improved and more professional. And the English text is on the left side of each page rather than the German, making it easier for non-Germans to follow the text. Likewise, tables are not split up by language but are found whole for each language on an entire page.

    As for the accuracy of the text, I am not an expert on these cars and thus totally unqualified to address the technical side of La Passione. But I do expect that a high degree of accuracy is displayed, just as it was in Millenove. Any mistakes would be honest ones. If there are lapses, it's likely only because some information wasn't kind enough to reveal itself before the book went to press!

    There is no question that La Passione 6C2300-6C2500 deserves a place on every classic Alfa enthusiasts bookshelf. It is well worth having on hand! For ordering information, email Jurgen directly at

   --Bob Schnittger, 30Nov2019

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