A Note About "Re-punched" Matta Chassis Numbers...
When a vehicle registered in Italy, be it a Matta or anything else, has a chassis number that has to be punched again--for whatever reason--the vehicle is sent to the Motorization offices to receive a new chassis number and that number will be reported on new documents. All chassis numbers punched in these offices start with "9", with the second figure being the identification number of that office, and the last three being a progressive number sequence. In the case of such a re-punched chassis ID summary plate on a Matta, a dot substitutes for the two small stars punches that are usually found on such plates, meaning this punching was not made by Alfa Romeo. Since it can be difficult to determine the vehicle's original chassis number, these "re-punched" Mattas are listed here separately.

Mille grazie to Giuseppe, Dan and Registro Alfa Romeo Matta for the above explanation!

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