In a 55 year-old Alfa Romeo Super to Santiago de Compostela

We wanted to retrace the famous Camino de Santiago with our Alfa Romeo "Millenove" of 1956 for an experience which, although different from someone who does it on foot, does leave a sign for our enthusiasts as always, to travel with our vintage Alfa Romeo. The trip lasted just ten days, as the holidays did not allow more, but that was really full of meaning and pleasure by the driving a ‘classic’ car, with all its communication that modern cars no longer know how to give.

5200 kilometers without the least inconvenience, drunk without flinching from our Alfona and who have left indelible memories, like the face of

drivers who were overtaken by our car along the French motorways (most expensive!) because this sedan is really tireless cruising at about 130 km/h without giving any sign of mechanical stress. Just a car trip, as well as the "family car that wins races" as he recited the famous slogan of the time. The car has always been appreciated and even petted everywhere it stopped, and often the Spaniards would have cordial true emotions of wonder at the sight of this old "jalopy" wandering around their beautiful city.


We touched Pamplona, Burgos (for us the true capital of the North of Spain), Leon and Santiago finally on the way out: the beautiful Gothic cathedrals have filled the eyes and the heart, a constant feeling of a great spirituality fills every kilometer of this path, perhaps by the many pilgrims who we met during the trip. The beautiful, majestic cathedral of Santiago has finally accepted us in its square, to thank us for our "effort" to get there early: a gift of which we dreamed since childhood, we have received and that we hold dear in our hearts.

The cuisine of northern Spain has always comforted with dishes of meat, cereals, and especially a lot of fish, and has contributed greatly to the success of the trip: the civilization of a people can be understood even at the table! 


    In return it was the continuous Atlantic coast from Coruna to Bilbao, San Sebastian, Oviedo, with roads on the cliffs and views of wild beauty that made it even more difficult to break away from this earth so harsh but so sweet. A land which definitely captivates travelers, who enjoy untouched landscapes, where you feel strongly the encounter between man and nature.

A "mega" final stage of over 1000 km, from the beautiful French town of Pau, in the Pyrenees, also tied to the car with his famous street circuit, now the subject of a successful and refined two-year commemoration, born and supported without any collapse by the ever-perky "Millenove". At our Verona, certainly only a goodbye, and certainly not a good-bye to these enchanted lands for sure, always ready to board our vintage Alfa Romeo.

--Marco F., April, 2014




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