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Touring badge modified as Turinga badge

   When relations between Mussolini and the rest of Europe begun to have problems, Mussolini introduced an unwritten law to avoid the use of foreign words, so "Inter" (International football club - soccer club from Milan) became Ambrosiana (Saint Ambrogio is Milan Patron), "Cognac" became Acquarzente (burning water), "Basket" became pallacanestro and, in order to "italianize" their trademark, "Touring" became Turinga.

   Also, many vehicles firms started to use "ancient Roman" or Italian 
historical-reminding names: Fiat Balilla (an 11 year-old boy who started, in 1746, the rebellion in Genova against Austrians); Fiat Ardita (Arditi were, in WWI, soldiers embedded in disciplinary battalion, equipped only with dagger and hand grenades for body-to-body fighting and trenches "cleaning").

   Lancia left Greek letter names (alfa, beta, kappa, lambda), starting the "Roman" era (Ardea, Aprilia, Augusta were ancient towns, Appia, Aurelia, Flaminia, Flavia are still now very important roads and their name comes from the roman consul - Appio Claudio, Marco Aurelio, Gaio Flaminio, Tito Flavio Vespasiano - who built them). Alfa Romeo, a Mussolini favourite,  continued instead to use numbers.

--Giuseppe Maranghi, 2014


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