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Pete Vack in Veloce Today BAT-5 article, BAT-7 article and BAT-9d article

Dan Allen's Matta, AR51-00370, was featured on Jay Leno's Garage on August 28th. 

*02056*, The ex-Marouf, ex-Dalessandro car, was offered late in the year by Girardo & Co. and is SOLD.

Alfas at Amelia Island and R&T's 2010 report.

Northeast Florida Alfa Dinner In conjunction with the 2020 AI Concours.

Early Primavera SOLD.. *15564*

In Sep2019, Technik Museum Sinsheim opened a new hall to honor Alfa Romeo.

A French website posted an interesting retro article on *01846* .

Retromobile 2020 gallery of Alfa photos from UltimateCarPage and Petrolicious.

Petrolicious article about Poltu-Quatu Classic, Sardinia, 2019.

The unfinished Fianchi Stretti "tribute" at the 2020 Amelia Island Concours has turned up on this website.

Good Photos of a restored Matta chassis

Author Jurgen Dohren's La Passione won 1st prize in the 2020 German Book Prize ceremony.

Conrad Stevenson Video on website Petrolicious.

Donald Osborne's Stile Transatlantico... is a great addition to one's library.

CAR magazine article takes 1366.00002 "around the block" at Goodwood.

Article about a 65-year old DV Spider replica



 B.A.T.s sold 28Oct2020 at Contemporary Arts Evening Auction in NYC

The German financial publication Handelsblatt
published a rather comprehensive history of the 1900.

Alfetta 158/159 playtoy is featured in this Motor Trend article.

Primavera OnB-a-T. *17050* did not meet its reserve.

I stumbled across this Alfa Classic Club de France website.

2021 Factory Brochure
This 100-page sales piece is worth a look.

The Matta continues to garner positive attention on Petrolicious.

Here is Matta AR51-00217 on Silodrome...

The February 2021 issue of Classic & Sports Car magazine featured a face-off between three classic off-roaders.

*10199* makes the news in the June, 2021 issue of the UK's Auto Italia.

Alfa 1900s & 6C2500s at 2021 Mille Miglia

Amelia Island Concours 2021 photos


Scuderia Portello's famous competition Super is featured in Roadster Life.

Hans-Jurgen Doehren won 2d Place at the Schwetzingen Concours.

1900 DV  "Tribute" Spider
for sale.

Henry Wessells III
2008 retrospective.

Dr. Fred Simeone, age 86, has died. Veloce Today

Peter's Corner,  April, 2022



The May, 1999 issue of Ruoteclassiche featured a comparison of 1957-year coupes.

This  YouTube video of PF coupe *01641* is very good. 

Lopresto's *07743*, Consalvo Sanesi's 1900TI. 

Hein Brand has produced a run of several front windscreens for Touring Tipo4 coupes. 

2016 Rallye Monte-Carlo Historique photos by Yves Thirouin.

YouTube video of Tipo4 *10444* leaving the 2016 Amelia Island Concours.

Boano-bodied *01846* is the cover story in the April, 2016 edition of Sports Car Market magazine.

Mondorf Raduno 2016.

Griff Borgeson on Franco Scaglione article  

Matta Story on  Petrolicious

2016 MM from the Driver's Seat of a Tipo2 on Petrolicious.

Visconteo *01963* and More on YouTube.

A great Petrolicious article about the famous Alfa Romeo Blue Team.

RM-Sotheby's Duemile Ruote auction included a couple of 1900s new to this website (Tipo1 *01247* and Super *17129*) and Two 2000 engines.

High-quality photos of Super *13830* could be a valuable aid to restorers.


Melbourne's 2016 Motorclassica featured  newly-restored Touring coupes, *01324* and *10180*. 

A reproduction tool kit for many Alfa 1900s is now available from Auto Italia Sportiva.

OKP has front and rear bumpers available for Tipo4 Touring coupes. 

New Carrozzeria Touring book available.

Petrolicious also has a brief biography of Franco Scaglione, designer of the B.A.T. 1900s.

Marco Fazio and tuner Conrad Stevenson's 2013 Carrera Panamericana run, on Petrolicious.

This article about JD Classic's 2017MM effort deserved a link.

A collector car rental service, called DriveShare, by Hagerty.

Three Alfa 1900s won awards at this year's Pebble Beach Concours. 

Five Alfa 1900s participated in one or more events at this year's Pebble Beach.

This French website (www.arthomobiles.fr) has an excellent tour of the new Museo Storico.

2017 Pebble Beach Week is available online and runs 90 minutes.

2017 Gran Premio Nuvloari photo album.



1900 Super...Barn Find!
This is *14442*, recently discovered in New England.

I recently came across a collection of photos of the Razza barchetta, *10098*.

105-Series drivetrain in a Tipo4.

Petrolicious article on the B.A.T.s

6C2500 race boat on the ItalParts.com website.

Ex-Marco Favieri Primavera *15980* SOLD €75,500. On the Italian website Asti Bolaffi.

The Classic Driver photo album of the 2018 MM is well worth purusing. Less so is the Sport Car Digest coverage.

Alfa Romeos swept the 2018 Mille Miglia ( Forbes article).

A Third Tipo3 "Hybrid" Surfaces. Read about it here in Features.

Unknown Tipo4 in Chengdu, China.

"Motoring For the Masses, Italian-Style" article in the June, 2018 issue of C&SC. 

David Sydorick's beautiful 1937 8C2900B Corto berlinetta won Best of Show at the 2018 Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance.

Freshly-restored Vignale- bodied*01942*"LaFleche" made its debut at Stefano Ricci Heritage Trophyevent.

Spettacolo Sportiva 2018 @ Zandvoort...here's a link to SCARB's photos.


David Sydorick's fabulous 8C2900B berlinetta was featured in Nov2018 issue of Octane.

*01954* was recently offered by Simon Kidston

"Chigi", *13428*, was on display at the 2018 Giro d'Italia at Imola.

Raduno Eupilio, November, 2018 on YouTube video.

Second Annual California Millenove

Alfa Results at Artcurial-Retromobile.

RHD PF Cabriolet (*01336*) appears on several European websites.

1900 Speciale article on Petrolicious 

Fantastic Video, Alfas @ Laguna Seca 1985.

Tipo4 cabriolet (*10562*),  SOLD for an undisclosed price.

1900 owner Lionel sent some pics of three Alfa 1900s at this year's "training session" for the next Mille Miglia.

All three B.A.T.s were on display in London on 20-23 November, 2019. Here's the Classic Driver article.


1900 Fun at Balocco!






Alfa Motorhome

Ventura remote 1900 at DFW Elite Toy Museum

Raduno 1900 al Lago d'Orta


Eight pages of 8C2300/2900 photos.

SOLD! VSOC in The Netherlands had a beautiful,unrestored Tipo 3, *02072*.


Illustrations of a wild-n-wacky Tipo4 Sprint. 

Auto Italia's six-page article about Robbie Webb's beautiful Tipo 3, *01713*.

Classic Cars article about Mark Gessler's Zagato *10593*.

Hemmings' article about restoration of Joe Mirenda's Tipo4, *10081*. 

David Sydorick's *10279* Zagato, in  Octane (Issue #96).

Chopard video of the 2011 California Mille.

August, 1954, Motorsport road test of Tipo1 *01411*.

1900SSZ *02062* on the cover of the Aug., 2011, issue of the magazine of the AROC (UK).

UK's Top Gear and Gary Kaberle's B.A.T. 11dk took top honors

Collezione Mario Righini in video.

2010 Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance brochure by Malcolm Harris.

A very special Tipo4, *10246*, has an unusual competition- intended interior, front vent wings and a French chassis plate.


You gotta see this! No substitute for cubic inches.

Front and rear bumper models for PF coupe. Contact Janez Uratnik.


Another unrestored Zagato, *01845*, has surfaced.

Mystery Cars is a Canadian-produced series about "dream cars" of the 1950s, including all three BATs.

Here's a link to a excellent video of Tipo3 *02078*.

Classic & Sports Car magazine has a significant article about "barnfind" Zagato (*01845*).

The July, 2013,  Octane magazine article about the "barnfind" SSZ, *01845*.

Our friend Giuseppe contributed this magazine article (Automobilismo d'Epoca, July, 2013) about the discovery of SSZ *01845*.

Zagato *10593* appears on the Petrolicious website and on YouTube.

T.J. Noto's Gearhead Exchange TV and blog  
Most unusual...chassis number *01785*, a Tipo3, carries a Series I "greenhouse".




Italian Matta video from 2010.

Wheels Through Time vintage motorcycle museum website and my "slideshow".

Jay Leno drives the 2014 Mille Miglia on YouTube.

The Alfatross blog about SSZ *02016*. 

*10207*, a lovely Ghia-Aigle cabriolet, has been discovered in Germany and is well-preserved.

Corrado Lopresto's *01845* Zagato won the Preservation Award at Pebble.

Millenove to Santiago
The famous Camino de Santiago pilgrimage in northern Spain via 1900 Super. 

Stanford University has just opened its online Revs Digital Library

TJ Noto on preservation vs. restoration.

Peter Marshall was an honored guest at Collezione Corrado Lopresto.

Sports Car Market had a two-page analysis of how and why 1900SSZ *01947* broke the million dollar barrier.




Chassis *01796* was the subject of an article in the Czech magazine Auto Motor Sport Classic

1900 Super *13768* finished mid-pack, penalty-free in 2015 Monte Carlo Rallye Historique!

Tipo3 *01858* with unusual Boano-style roofline on FJ's website.

Corrado Lopresto section at the 2015 Salon Retromobil.

Jacopo Villa takes Petolicious readers on a comprehensive tour of Marco Cajani's Scuderia del Portello.

A Petrolicious video features 1900 owner Dick DeLuna driving his beautiful Nardi-Danese.

Alfa Romeo has updated its logo, seen here.

The new Alfa Romeo museum, or Museo Storico Alfa Romeo, has opened.

"Scheunenfunde" at the Pantheon Basel Museum in this YouTube video.

What may be *01957* has reappeared in Caracas and is said to be for sale. Contact Luis Eduardo Velosa if interested.

Classic Alfas (UK) Spares Cache...Contact Richard Norris directly at classicalfa.com for more information.

Bernd Kussmaul has some original Tipo3 body parts available.

Chassis *01963*, the one-off Touring "Visconteo" cabriolet, at Schloss-Bensberg.

Gallery of 2015MM photos, and a list of all participants.

The Petrolicious brief feature about designer Franco Scaglione.

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