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Color Examples  
Trying to determine what an authentic shade of color originally used on your Alfa 1900 translates to in today's paints is--almost--a fool's errand. Here are some examples that may or may not help your search...including Peter's list of Alfa 1900 colors.

3 Very Unusual Tipo3s  
For a long time we carried *01883* as a "hybrid" Tipo3, thinking that someone had grafted a Primavera greenhouse onto a regular Tipo3. We were mistaken.

Front Brake Scoops/Ducts 
Does your Super Sprint/TI/TI Super have its original brake scoops? Many don't. Here's what they look like on *01839* (Boano) and others.


Boano Ghias...SuperGs and More 
The Exner-derived Boano "look" was applied to more than just a few Alfa 1900s. (This article originally appeared a couple of years ago and has been repeated now, with revisions.)

Square Radios
Here's a quick visual survey of the square-format radios that are appropriate for many early 1900s. I think you'll find it interesting!

Some Views of The Touring Production Line
I have a few photos of Touring's Series I production line from around the internet and arranged them in what seems like reasonable order. No guarantee of accuracy!

About Those Pinin Farina Flag Emblems
Those cute little crossed-flags badges on the trunklids/bootlids of Pinin Farina-bodied 1900s, both cabriolets and coupes, are derived from naval signaling flags.

Is That a "Giuliettone"?
When they first see a Tipo4, many folks, even Alfisti, mistake it for a Giulietta Sprint. Here's a quick-and-easy way to tell them apart in photos, etc.

Brothers From Different Mothers?
It's been said that the Volvo P1800, designed by Swede Pelle Peterson while at Frua, might have been influenced by the Savonuzzi-styled 1900 Ghias. Here's a photo comparison of the two cars. Draw your own conclusion.

Tipo1-Tipo2 Profile Comparison 
These two versions of the Series I Touring Sprint coupe can be difficult to tell apart. This short feature highlights some noticeable differences.

The Last Coachbuilt Alfas
This new Feature repeats the "Last of the Classic Alfas" story with the addition of a discussion of coachbuilt examples.

Extant Pinin Farina 3-Window Coupes
Of the reported 100 or so classic Pinin Farina 3-window coupes produced on the "corto" chassis, thirty-four cars survive and are identified. This should make a comparison easier. 

6C Villa d'Este and Series 1 Sprint
This is a brief exploration of the relationship between the last great 6C coupe design, the famous "Villa d'Este", and the earliest 1900 Sprint design.

Carrozzeria Cousins
Here's a brief exploration of similar-looking cars done by Carrozzeria Ghia and others. Similarities and differences are easier to see when cars are compared side-by-side.
Extant 1900 Zagatos
We have a list of 29 known surviving original 1900 Zagatos. We are lacking current photos for three of them. If we have missed any original Zagatos in our list, please tell us about it...and be prepared to prove authenticity!

Bevy of Barchettas
There have been a lot of 1900-based competition-style cars on the internet. In 2012, I rounded up all I could find so you could compare them.

Carrozzeria Ventura Sprint 
Not familiar with Ventura? This mini-feature will explain everything. Hint: Ventura built the full-monocoque, Touring-style bodies from scratch.

Satta Special
William John Hearne has created a period-correct Alfa 1900 Monoposto called the "Satta Special". Strictly for his pleasure & the challenge of it all!

The Savonuzzi-styled Ghias
Check out this comparison of the 10 surviving Alfa 1900 Savonuzzi Ghias, making it easier to compare each car's external similarities and differences.
Alfa Romeo 1900 C52 Disco Volante a fianchi stretti:
The Complete Story

On his 2010 visit to Mulhouse, France, the late Renan Uflacker had an opportunity to examine this unique Alfa and explore its history.
Alfas Are Red, Jaguars Are Green, Porsches Are Silver
Some people ask if there is a special reason why Italian racing cars are always red. The late Renan Uflacker had the answer! 
Disco Volante Legacy: The Quest for Aerodynamics
The late Renan Uflacker explored how the C52 Disco Volante has influenced sports and racing car design for many decades. Controversial perhaps, but definitely food for thought!
Retrimming a 1900CSS
A French website has an extensive pictorial outlining the steps it took to retrim a 1900CSS interior. This is my take on the French-language article.

Inside 'Superleggera'  
Here's an inside look at the structure of Touring's 'Superleggera' coachbuilding method on a Tipo 3 and a Tipo 4.

The Bertone B.A.T.s 
The B.A.T. coupes, of which only three were built between 1953 and 1955, are spectacular vehicles which never fail to draw crowds wherever they appear. 

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